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Papers of John Clifford Tolley, manufacturers' representative, law clerk and historian, comprising letters, photographs, wills and research notes on Tolley family of South Australia, diary and letters written during war service in New Guinea, research notes on South Australian history, including South Coast area and River Murray shipping, material relating to nomenclature of South Australia, colour transparencies of former theatres of war in New Guinea, South Australian & interstate places, photograph album of Dorothy Stow, nee Tolley (his aunt) of Sydney Harbour Bridge taken during construction in 1930s. (Mentioned in 1988 as part of John Tolley's historical collection, identified by the Australian Bicentennial History Record Search [No. 02929] in a list of collection items.) Newspaper clippings of Adelaide 1890, 1950s not retained. A letter written by 'Nawai' in Pidgin English as member of Australian Native Administration Unit, New Guinea, with translation, identified in the 1988 record search, was not found in donated material. (Original 1988 list of Tolley Family records is series 63.) A large quantity of publications relating to South Australia collected by Mr Tolley has been reviewed for inclusion in Library's Published Collection.